| 03 : About me |

Geert van Loon

Born in Cairo. Geert grew up in London, Stockholm, Teheran and Washington. French schools. Civil Law at Leiden University. He learned two things early on. First, that the rules are different everywhere, so it helps to have a sense of humor and understand the other person's perspective. Second, that sharing one's own view can be fun as well as beneficial to all involved.

Talent Stack

Make it simple : A former manager once said of Geert: "Geert has an uncanny ability to reduce questions to their essence rapidly. If there is no essence, he will rapidly reach that conclusion."
Keep it honest : Authenticity.
Keep it real : It's real results that make it all worthwhile.
Languages : Fluent in Dutch, English and French.
Management : Managing people and businesses in services. Lots of experience at blue chip corporations HP and KPN.
Information Technology : Technologically Literate Plus.
Law : Able to research, make reasoned objective judgements and communicate effectively both in writing and orally.
History : Passion for history and culture. Formerly a dealer in Antiques.
Current International Events : Avid tracker of political and other events.