Language Services
Dutch, English and French

What the dickens does that mean? Is the letter you got from your French bank double Dutch to you? Don't put up with it!

The problem ...

  • Are you puzzled by the letter you just got from your French bank?
  • Are you struggling to find the correct business English wording for your Powerpoint presentation?
  • Are you going on a business visit, and need to take someone along who speaks the language?
  • Do you want to send an attentive dinner thank you note, or a clear letter on a potentially contentious matter?
  • Do you need to have a brochure or a website translated rapidly?
  • Are you looking for somebody to help you manage your holiday home abroad?
  • Would you like for someone to proofread your history dissertation?

How can I help?

I have experience in dealing with these and many other questions. I provide flexible help in Dutch, English and French. Feel free to read more about me and my special skills on the About Me page. If necessary, I have a car and will travel. Use the Contact page to get in touch with me.


The fee is €40 per hour. If travel or longer term involvement is required, we will need to agree on the terms.
Payment via a bank transfer to my account or by PayPal.